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CaMI™ is a commissioning and maintenance integration software that allows its users to properly document their progress either for a startup/commissioning of a plant or system, for preventative maintenance tracking, or for equipment and instrumentation validation. CaMI provides project-to-project storage, easy adaptability to your site and your process, and easy record-keeping.

Commissioning and Maintenace Integrator App

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Commissioning and Startup Tracking
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Maintenance and Validation Tracking
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Daily Logs and Reporting
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Features that Benefit the Bottomline:

CaMI provides project-to-project storage, easy adaptability to your site and your process, and easy record-keeping.

System Commissioning and Qualification

Utilize CaMI for your unique system. Input your own checklists in the database or add to checklist items already established.

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Multi-User Access

Unlimited users that can perform their work in tandem with other teammates. This allows for faster
and smarter teamwork.

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Daily Logs and Reporting

Create and submit reports to detail daily progress. Reports can be approved for distribution or storage for audits. Access full audit trails for each project.

System Validation

Utilize the checklists in the CaMI database or add on to the database with your specific details to complete validation requirements.

Real-Time View of Progress

Get instant knowledge of the progress on all projects. Know what systems or equipment, instrumentation have been commissioned, qualified, verified and what issues exist that need immediate attention.

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Information Storage

Add drawings, manuals, SOPs, photos, notes, and other instructions for easy access at anytime.

Location Tracking & QR Codes

Enhance your system’s usability, accuracy, and overall efficiency with location tracking and QR codes.
Teams are enabled to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and ensure optimal asset management with cloud platform asset data and analytics.

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Maintenance Queue

Add specific preventative maintenance tasks into a maintenance queue with appropriate intervals and CaMI will send reminders to the maintenance team. CaMI will also keep a record
of maintenance work performed.

Audit Compliance

Elevate your audit readiness and ensure unwavering compliance with the new Audit Compliance feature of CaMI. Standardize best practices, effortlessly prepare for audits, and optimize your digital record-keeping compliance.

Accessible on any device, any time.

The CaMI Dashboard is visible from any device. Our Android and iOS mobile app and web dashboard work in any environment so you can easily operate in the field, in office, or throughout your travels.

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Android, and web applications

What the users have to say...

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The checklist lets us track the
commissioning process in real time.
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It's simple, streamlined
reporting with efficient usage.
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The Photo features allows us
to capture pertinent details.
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We truly benefit from the ability
to inform/update the team, daily.
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The attachments allows us to have manuals and documents at our fingertips for easy access.
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