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We created CaMI™ as the response to the challenge of efficiently and comprehensively commissioning unique projects.

We created CaMI as the response to the challenge of efficiently and comprehensively commissioning unique projects. CaMI provides the method and platform for maintaining and tracking every aspect of your project. Our clients have the advantage of real-time reporting to make expeditious decisions.

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Commissioning and Startup Tracking

CaMI’s extensive checklist database is made by engineers to track all your commissioning and startup progress. Choose and customize a checklist or create your own to fit your unique systems and instruments to maintain a clear view of your project status. CaMI provides the full commissioning/startup report for system handover to clients.

Access CaMI on site with your handheld device and start your checks. Create QR codes as items are added to the CaMI dashboard then easily scan to begin checks for that equipment and instrumentation. View progress in the dashboard including percent completion and percent remaining.

Daily reports are conveniently generated from the CaMI dashboard and can be distributed to the entire team. At the end of your project, CaMI can create the final report for the end user and close out your project.

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Maintenance and Validation Tracking

Get real time updates and notifications with CaMI’s maintenance and validation queues. Your team will know when an item is to be serviced or its proper operation must be validated. After setup, your team will get notification at your pre-set intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) of what maintenance or validation is due and can then check it off from the app or dashboard to indicate completion. At any point, one can clearly identify any work performed on any piece of equipment or instrumentation and see what remains to be completed. Daily and final reports can be competently generated for review and distribution.

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Daily Logs and Reporting

CaMI gives our users the ability to easily generate reports on project progress and completion. Final reports can be approved or signed off by a manager ahead of distribution.

The Daily Report tool provides information on the day-to-day progress on site.

  • Quickly send emails to the necessary personnel containing a report of the day’s progress, any items needed to be purchased, or any additional work required
  • Access all reports from the project at any time
  • Items checked are automatically included in the report for easy publishing
  • All notes, photos, or attachments can be included in the report

The Final Report option provides a summary of the project and a certification of completed work.

Emails related to the project or equipment / instrumentation can be quickly sent from the application itself.

Audit Trails to provide support documentation for any audits or questions related to work performed.

Who We Help

  • Commissioning and Project Engineers
  • Project Managers and End Users
  • Maintenance and Validation Teams
  • Purchasing and Procurement
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